Warning Signs Of Fake Debt Collectors

Being behind on your bills can result in an onslaught of collections calls. While there are laws that regulate the behavior of credit collection agencies, even those agencies that obey the rules can be aggressive and annoying. When you fall behind, collection agencies hired by your credit card, bank or loan companies can contact as often as they wish; there are no limits to the number of phone calls. There are limitations on the time of day, however; they must contact you only between 8 a. [Read More]

Four Of The Most Common Laws Your Debt Collector May Be Breaking

Did you know that debt collectors have very strict rules that they need to follow if they want to recover your debt? Not only are there many rules, but there are laws that they have to adhere to or they can be sued. A debt defense attorney can help you determine whether your debt collectors are breaking any laws. Here are a few of the most common laws that debt collectors break. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Your Bankruptcy Creditor's Meeting

Filing for bankruptcy means a lot more than just a legal document filed with the courts. Bankruptcy should be considered a process, with several steps. Once you have met with your bankruptcy attorney and filled out your paperwork, the bankruptcy petition is filed. Before your bankruptcy becomes final, however, you must appear at the creditor's meeting. It can be daunting to be faced with this meeting that makes public your sensitive financial affairs. [Read More]