3 Reasons To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney When Filing

When filing for bankruptcy, you need to make sure you do everything correctly. Filing the wrong paperwork can lead to a disruption in your case or having to complete an Amendment Form. You also may still have creditors after you even as you file, which can lead to stress or pressure to pay off certain debts at the last minute. A bankruptcy attorney can be helpful to you in many ways. [Read More]

Your Car And Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What Options Do You Have?

Declaring bankruptcy can be extremely stressful, especially as you wait for the bankruptcy proceedings to finish. A Chapter 7 only adds to that stress, as you must decide what to do with your various debts. When it comes to your car, how you should proceed is determined by whether you own, lease, or are making payments on your car. What if You Own Your Car? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy handles your debts differently than a Chapter 13. [Read More]

Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Which Is Better For Small Business Owners?

Filing for bankruptcy is a relatively simple process thanks to the Bankruptcy Code. However, as anything else mired in bureaucracy, the sheer number of rules often complicates it. One confusing rule is what type of bankruptcies a small business owner can file. The answer lies in if their business was incorporated, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. Incorporated Businesses In a corporation or an LLC, the business is a separate legal entity from your personal assets. [Read More]

How To Stop A Foreclosure Without Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are behind on your mortgage and have been notified by your lender that they are going to begin the foreclosure process, you may wonder what options you have to stop this from happening. While filing for bankruptcy is one of the best ways to stop a foreclosure, you may want to try a different method first. Applying for a home modification loan can be a good method to use to stop a foreclosure, but your lender will have to approve it in order for the foreclosure proceedings to stop. [Read More]